2021 Fall Semester First-Year and Transfer Student Accommodation Application Results

Dear First-Year Students and Guardians: 

  • To view your application results for 2021 fall semester on-campus dormitory accommodation, please login at the application website https://housing.ntu.edu.tw/undergraduate, and press "confirm accommodation" or "renounce accommodation".

  • For BOT Prince House accommodation results please visit http://ntudorm.prince.com.tw/

  • BOT Prince House will send check-in and payment information to your NTU student inbox or through cell phone, please pay attention to your inbox and phone. For any questions, you may contact Prince House: 02-2377-0199 (Changxing), 02-2363-1066 (Shui-Yuan).

  • Those on the on-campus dormitory waiting list may be able to be accommodated before in-person classes begin. If you are allocated to Prince House later, please consider whether or not to pay the down payment (Those who move from Prince House to on-campus dormitories before the end of September will not be deducted liquidated damages).

  • The waiting list for BOT Prince House will prioritize first-year students. If you would like to convert to the on-campus dormitory waiting list, please contact Ms. Feng at the Student Housing Service Division: anhua@ntu.edu.tw



On-campus Dormitory Confirmation of Accommodation

1. Information about dormitory fees:

  • Please download your accommodation payment form at the application website https://housing.ntu.edu.tw/undergraduate.

  • Payment time: before check in

  • Dormitory fees: include accommodation fee, deposit, and internet fee

  • Dormitory fees of each dorm: https://osa_dorm.ntu.edu.tw/en/AboutUs/DormInformation/Dorm_Information . Students who are on waiting list, receiving the allocation notice after the new semester starts, will be paying the dormitory fees for the remaining weeks of the semester. 

  • Those who wish to apply for student loans, please call the Student Housing Service Division (02)3366-2266 to add your accommodation fee to your tuition. After the Student Housing Service Division and Cashier Division have updated your info, please download the new tuition payment form and apply for student loans. You are not required to pay the payment form at the bottom of the page.

2. Check-in time:

  • Men 1st Dorm, Freshman Female Dorm

    • To accommodate the University’s first three weeks of online courses, please check in from Oct 2 (Sat.) to Oct 12 2021 (Tue.) 09:00~12:00, 13:30~17:00

    • If you need to check in prior due to freshmen medical examinations or in-person classes, you may do so from Sep 14 (Tue.) to Sep 17 (Fri.) 10:00~12:00, 13:30~17:00.

    • Those who check in after Oct 13, please do so on Mondays to Fridays, 09:00~12:00 and 13:30~17:00.

    • To keep count of incoming new residents and facilitate diversion and arrange staff, please fill the following form:
      1st Men Dorm: 
      Freshmen Women Dorm: 

  • Due to 1st Men Dorm and Freshmen Women Dorm having insufficient beds, some students may be allocated to higher-year dorms, you may check in starting Sep 14 on Mondays to Fridays, 09:00~12:00 and 13:30~17:00.

  • Foreign students may check in after 14 days of quarantine and 7 days of self-health management.

3. Check-in location:

  • 1st Men Dorm

    • Oct 2 (Sat.) to Oct 12 (Tue.): Lobby of 1st Men Dorm

    • For other dates, please check in at your resident director’s office (1st and 2nd floor residents may report to the 2nd floor office, while 3rd and 4th floor residents report to the 3rd floor office).

  • Freshmen Women Dorm

    • Weekdays: Sep 14 ~ 17, Oct 4 ~ 8, Oct 12 and after, please check in at the 2nd floor resident director’s office.

    • Weekends: Oct 2 ~ 3 and Oct 9 ~ 11, please check in at the 1st floor multi-functional seminar room.

  • Student who are assigned to other dorms should check in at the resident director's office.

Contact information of dormitory directors: https://osa_dorm.ntu.edu.tw/en/AboutUs/ResidentDirectors

4. Documents required:

(a) Accommodation Payment Receipt  (Those who pay by credit card need to show the image or the message of successful payment)

(b) Student ID card (or Admission Letter)
(c) ID card, Alien Residence Certificate or Passport

(d) Student personal information form (Please print at the application website https://housing.ntu.edu.tw/undergraduate)

5. Remarks:

  • Students who are unable to move into the dorms due to suspension of schooling, retainment of student status or any other reasons, ought to confirm the cancellation in the application system within three days. Alternatively, ones may directly contact Student Housing Service Division, therefore the students on waiting list could be assigned to dorms sooner.

  • Students who have paid the deposit of Prince Dormitory, please contact the dorm directly to arrange follow-up matters. (Shui-Yuan dorm: 2363-1066;Changxing dorm: 2377-0199)

  • Students are only allowed to choose one from Prince Dormitory and on-campus dorm to live.

  • Students living in dorms are forbidden to use violated electric apparatus (such as electric furnace, electric cooker, electromagnetic plate, electric kettle and aquarium). Violators will be punished according to accommodation regulations. If ones are in need of using extension wire, ones should check the socket which is approved by merchandise testing bureau, whether it is installed with overcurrent tripping device.

  • To maintain the environmental sanitation, students are forbidden to keep pets in the area of dormitory.

  • According to the accommodation regulations, resident students are forbidden to allow non-resident students to stay overnight, pass in and out of the rooms without authorization or sell bed space. Violators will be punished according to the regulations.

  • According to the accommodation regulations, resident students are forbidden to engaging in illegal acts or break the terms of use of academic network using dormitory network. Violators will be punished according to the regulations.

  • New resident students need to pay dorm deposit (one-third of dormitory fees). The deposit will be paid with the dormitory fees. It is used to offset the amount of the damage of public property, dormitory fees or other debts related to accommodating. The deposit will be refunded without interest if there is an amount in the account balance.

  • Students who need to move into dorms earlier are required to pay the accommodation fees counted according to the actual accommodating weeks. If the accommodating days are less than a week, the accommodation fees will be counted as a week.

  • Resident students need to attend fire drill held by university every school year, if not, the accommodation eligibility will be cancelled.

  • Students are entitled to dormitory accommodation (not including Prince Dormitory) within normal study duration (determined by student ID), without considering the situation of suspension or transfer.

  • For example, students of Chinese Literature Department will graduate in 4 years; student ID starting with B09 will end its accommodation year in the semester of 2023.

    Students need not apply for the dormitory every year if ones’ accommodation year has not ended. However, students should join the drawing for sophomore dormitory at the end of first-year second semester.

    Students of Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing will be directly assigned to the dormitory at downtown campus. The accommodation year will end in 1.5 years after enrolling; ones need not change the dormitory during the school year.

  • Students who are planning to suspend and withdraw from school need to check out first. Reentry students need to apply for the dormitory again; please be aware of the announcements on the website of Student Housing Service Division. Reentering in the first semester: apply in June; reentering in the second semester: apply in December. Prince Dormitory: apply in July. Students reaching the accommodation year need to apply for the dormitory again; application periods are the same as above.

  • In addition, freshmen who live in Men 1st Dorm and Freshman Women Dorm are not entitled to summer accommodation. Please apply for it additionally if there is any special requirements; applying methods will be announced on the website of Student Housing Service Division.

  • If you encounter any problems when you are checking in, you are welcome to contact the resident directors (http://goo.gl/RrPHk6). To inquire questions regarding to room arrangement, please refer to the staff of undergraduate student dormitory -Ms. Feng: anhua@ntu.edu.tw(TEL: 02-3366-2264~6).

  • Other accommodation regulations can be referred to https://osa_dorm.ntu.edu.tw/en/RegulatoryProcessForm/Regulation

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